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 Med-Tech EMS in Morrilton, AR

Medical Emergency Transportation Membership

When a medical emergency arises, it is not the time to be calculating costs. Med-Tech EMS membership covers you and your family for much of your out-of-pocket costs for medically necessary emergency ambulance transportation to the hospital throughout Central Arkansas. For less than $70 per year, you receive peace of mind that your ambulance transportation costs will be covered for your whole family with a Med-Tech EMS Membership.

It’s been proven by research that the quality of medical treatment immediately following an emergency is a critical factor in the patient’s recovery. Don’t waste a moment worrying about costs when an emergency arises. Sign up for a Med-Tech EMS membership today!

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$39 per year


$49 per year

Extended Family

$69 per year

Membership Benefits

  • Anytime an ambulance is medically necessary to a covered facility, you’re covered.
  • Avoid financial surprises – if your insurance denies payment, applied the payment to the deductible, makes partial payment or even if you have no insurance, members receive a 40% discount on all services
  • Memberships are not considered insurance policies
  • Terms: In consideration of my membership fee and assignment of medical benefits, Med-Tech EMS, Inc. agrees to provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance service to each covered person(s) to all hospitals in the service area (60-mile radius). Patients must meet medical necessity criteria for transport. Medical necessity is met when the patient’s condition is such that they could not safely travel by other means (car, Uber, wheelchair van, etc.). Covered transportation does not include physician’s offices, dentist offices, or free-standing dialysis centers unless prior arrangements are made. Transportation to non-covered requires prior arrangements, please call our office.
  • All memberships expire March 31st.
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Contact Med-Tech EMS

For inquiries regarding class registration, bill payment, membership, medical necessity forms, or any other questions, please contact us below.


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